216-Pack Chilling Reign Type Rotation Box Break (June 18th Break #24)

216-Pack Chilling Reign Type Rotation Box Break (June 18th Break #24)

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Hello! Not sure what a Group Box Break is? STOP!

Please read our FAQ section before making ANY purchases! Especially if you're a new customer, or International Customer.  Thank you! 

In this Group Box Break, we will be Opening 216 Pokémon Boosters Packs!  This break will have 6 Laps! 

We will open the following amount of each set...

-(216) Chilling Reign Boosters

Each participant will be randomly assigned ONE of 10 Card Types for the first box. For every box afterward, names will be pushed down the list to assure that no one gets the same spot more than once on each box break. The following types will be assigned:

- Psychic
- Colorless
- Grass
- Water
- Electric
- Fire
- Dark
- Fighting
- Metal
- Trainers

Participants will receive Reverse Foil rarity cards, and above, of their assigned type, as well as an evenly distributed amount of bulk.

Types will be assigned randomly BEFORE the first box is opened. 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE read over the FAQ section of our website if you haven't already. If you are still unsure, you can reach out to our customer service email address located on the "Contact Us" page of our website.