Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! If you're here, you probably have some questions about the things we do on our channel. And that's okay! Box Breaking has been done in the Sports Card industry for years, and we brought it over to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! 

Here is a list of some of the questions people have asked us in our time streaming, and hopefully, any questions you might have can be answered! 


What is a "Break?"

-Breaking is a new way for people to buy cards! While there are several types of breaks that you will see on the channel, they will always consist of multiple people who have purchased their "spot" to be a part of the break! All participants will receive any foil cards they pull from their assigned "type," as well as an evenly distributed amount of bulk "commons, uncommons, non-holo rares" from the break. 

In MOST cases, people will be assigned a  "type". In Pokemon, card Types are determined by the color of the card. Blue = Water.  Red= Fire. Black = Dark. Etc.   If a card ever has multiple Types, we will refer to the 1st typing listed to the left side of the card. 

In Yu-Gi-Oh, cards will have "attributes" listed on the top right of the card. "Dark, Light, Earth, Magic, Trap" etc. 


PYT or "Pick Your Type" breaks are ones that you can choose the types you'd like to purchase within the opening! Types are chosen and purchased before the break starts, but be sure to snag the types you want while they're still available! 


Random Type breaks are ones where all participants pay the same price, and a randomly assigned a single type via the randomizer that we use on google sheets. This break costs less than a PYT because you don't know what you're going to get! 


Battles are when a group of people all receive the same amount and variety of booster packs, and use them for a battle against each other! One person at a time, we will open a bundle of boosters, and calculate the total points they pulled in their bundle! Whoever ends up with the most points in their bundle by the end of the battle, will win the prize mentioned on that particular battle in the store! 

We have a point system in place for our battles, which can be found in the description of the item in the store, as well as within our Twitch chat! 


Hit Drafts are uncommon. These were done back when we were trying to grow as a business for Pokemon, and will more than likely only be done with Yu-Gi-Oh as we try to grow it as well. But here is how they work...

The amount of participants in a hit draft can vary. But however many there are, they will always function the same. The participants of a Hit Draft will watch all of the involved product be opened.

Once we have completed opening all of the product and displaying the hits "any foil cards," we will then take all participants, and enter their names into the Google Sheets Randomizer, to determine a draft order.  Once the draft order has been determined, participants will then pick 1 hit from the remaining card pool when it is their turn to pick. In this type of break, you want to have first pick to ensure you get the card you want! 



Shipping Rates

United StatesFREE! 

International- Pricing will vary depending on which cards you would like to receive.  As an international customer, you will have two options. 

1. You can opt to have only your foil cards from your breaks shipped. This will be a flat rate of $5 shipping, regardless of the amount of breaks that we're shipping you. 


2. We can ship you all cards from your breaks, and you will pay 50% of the actual shipping cost. We DO NOT charge extra shipping to profit, so your quotes will be based on what our shipping software quotes for USPS international shipping. 



All holos will be sleeved, and all Ultra Rares and above will be toploaded. Break contents will also be packaged and labeled in individual bundles, on a "per break" basis. This is to avoid confusion, and to help you better keep track of which breaks your cards belong to. 


Shipping Days

Shipping days can vary for a multitude of reasons, but when outside factors aren't an issue, we stick to the following schedule. 

Monday - Wednesday Breaks:  Ship out on Friday.

Thursday - Friday Breaks:  Ship out on Monday 



In most cases, bulk from breaks is evenly distributed to its participants. The only times this won't happen, would be in a break like a Battle, where participants are purchasing boosters packs of their own to keep.


Code cards for Pokemon will always be e-mailed to your address on file the following day after a break has been filled and opened. As a courtesy, we also physically ship the code cards to customers in the U.S. This is not a option for international customers. 

If you do not want your codes psychically shipped to you, just let us know! We'd be more than happy to dispose of them for you. 

When purchasing a Code Card spot, you are purchasing ONLY CODES. You will NOT be receiving bulk from the break. 



Pre-Order breaks will be listed in the store several weeks before a product is released. We cannot and will not open breaks for a particular set until its official release date. If you are unsure of a set's official release date, it will be displayed in the Pre-Order break title, as well as the description. 


Payment / Refunds

For your safety, as well as our own, we are currently only accepting PayPal payments from logged in PayPal accounts.

This will ensure that we never see your credit card information, and that your payment will also be encrypted and protected in the case of a data breach. 

This also protects us from people trying to commit any sort of credit card fraud. 

It shouldn't take more than a minute to create a paypal account and link the card that you'd like to use if you don't already have one. 

Thank you so much for understanding. 



We have absolutely no problem refunding you for your purchase, as long as the refund is done BEFORE the break is opened. 

Once a break has been opened, we can no longer refund the money involved, as we can no longer return it to our distributor due to damage. 

This refund policy applies just the same as any hobby shop or retail store would be unable to accept a return once product has been opened. 



-When are breaks loaded into the store?

We try our best to have breaks loaded into the store anywhere from Noon EST- 2PM EST for that day's stream. 


-Do you allow trades? 

Yes! We allow participants to try and trade types for a couple of minutes at the start of each break.   As far as trading cards, we prefer that you trade with people within your break. IF you'd like to make a trade across breaks from the same day, please be organized in know which card is coming from which break. Mario isn't the brightest and things like this hurt his brain. 


-Do you Break Japanese Cards?

Not consistently. I prefer not to break them for multiple reason, but I'm not exactly counting them out 100% just yet.  :)


-Some Types that aren't represented in this break, got a hit. "Dragon/Fairy" Who gets those hits?

Whenever this happens, we will try our absolute best to evenly distribute these extra hits to the people in the break with the least amount of hits. 


-Can I submit PSA Cards through 

Unfortunately, Mario has chosen not to submit PSA cards for liability purposes, and because of unacceptably long wait times from PSA. Don't take it personal! He just doesn't want to mess up and lose your stuff!


-My break doesn't look like it's going to fill tonight. What happens now?

Don't fear! You will still keep your spots in the break. The break will just happen on whichever stream it happens to fill. 


-How do I win a Mystery Box?

Mystery Box Giveaways are only held for participants in the breaks. In order to win one, you need to have been in a break, AND been lucky enough to have your name drawn as a winner.


-What prizes are in the Mystery Boxes?

It a mystery. ;D


-I'm an international viewer, and I won a Sub Giveaway Prize on Twitch. Will you send it? 

Yes! Free of charge. We will contact you for your address to send it to, and that's it! 


-Can I have some free codes? 

Unfortunately, we do not give away free codes. But the viewers in our chat do it pretty regularly! Stick around in the chat if you want to snag some free goodies that someone else might want to give away.